A Few Words About Us

Our mission is to educate patients on the healthy use of marijuana edibles

With the increased public awareness of the medically therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana more states have started implementing legal medical marijuana programs. One of the safest routes to use medical marijuana is ingestion of marijuana edibles. At Canna Kitchen we have brought together top specialists from various fields including medicine and the culinary arts to provide our subscribers with accurate professional education on preparing and using their edible medication.

Dr. Robert Setari
Recognized for both his medical and theatrical achievements, Dr. Robert Setari founded Canna Kitchen to provide his patients with the correct knowledge on using their medical marijuana in edible form safely and effectively.

He has gathered several experts in the culinary arts and had them create the special recipes on our site designed to be fast and easy, tasty, and provide the right edible for any given situation

Our Canna Chefs

In any kitchen our expert chefs could whip up a delicious meal, but here we focus on medicated meals.

We gave our chefs the task of coming up with delicious meals that could be prepared with minimal effort. In fact, we instructed them no meal should take more than 30 minutes to prepare. With this challenge they surpassed everyone's expectations with incredible meals that are fast and easy to make and still delicious to the discerning palate.


"Great recipes and you do have a very educational web site."


"I have had insomnia for years and your snack and drink recipes are perfect. I have them ready for the entire week and use them right after dinner. By the time I am ready to go to bed the marijuana has kicked in and I sleep like a baby."


"What a great site! I love how professional you guys are. Keep up the good work and keep those recipes coming."


"I found you guys through your cannabis cooking videos. They're great. More please!"