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For Edibles

The first Golden commandment is always start low and go slow. It's no fun to overdose on your edibles.

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What makes a "good" edible? We believe that, as with all food, this will always be a matter of personal taste; however, in general, most people want an edible that is tasty without a noticeable marijuana taste. An edible should be easy to divide into portions. And you should have a fairly good understanding of how much marijuana you're ingesting. Create delicious professional gourmet meals in a flash…

Cut your cooking time in half and create great meals like you see on T.V.!

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As you can see this really is the ultimate recipe site for medical marijuana edibles. Even if you're already a professional chef you'll benefit immensely from 101 Recipes you can make in a Flash because you'll discover how quick and easy is it to make a delicious medical marijuana meal in half the time!

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Why Marijuana Edibles

The medicinal effects of medical marijuana are well documented. However, with the exception of vaporizers, smoking marijuana is bad for your health. In fact, the truth is that smoking anything exposes your lungs to harsh conditions that hurt you over time! Besides a vaporizer another safer alternative to smoking medical marijuana is to consume it in an edible.

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How Marijuana works

The active ingredients in Medical Marijuana are called Cannabinoids. There are over 80 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, but the two main ones are Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis; and Cannabidiol (CBD). These organic chemical compounds act on cannabinoid receptors on cells in the brain.

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Medical marijuana won't work if eaten/ingested without preparation. The two main compounds in cannabis (THC & CBD) are hydrophobic oils and, as such, are insoluble in water. Therefore, the digestive system is unable to digest THC directly. Since THC & CBD are only fat soluble they must be dissolved in some type of fat or oil.

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